Engineered Intelligence

Mentat delivers artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises that are seeking to unlock the hidden value of their data.

Enterprise solutions

We have worked in cutting edge projects with the UK Intelligence Community and Government, Global Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Fintech, Telcos & Industrial Companies.

Technical Excellence

Using the transformational power of machine learning to deliver transparent full stack solutions that improve enterprise performance by pushing the boundaries of AI engineering.

Mentat Solutions


We will work with you to clarify what value you are looking to unlock from your data. Our initial engagement is free of charge and results in a specific suggestion for collaboration.


Examining the datasets we will together elucidate the key questions and KPIs that will define success. During the exploratory data analysis stage the core output of our collaboration will be finalized and initial analysis results will be used to guide the architecture of the solution.


Using the latest robust statistical modelling and AI techniques we will profile and model your static data or dynamic datastream and build a fully custom full stack solution that can be deployed on the cloud, on premise or on the edge of the network.


Collaborating closely with your team we deploy the AI solution to a production environment and train the stakeholders for further enhancements in-house.
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