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SAP Algorand Open API Connector Documentation

Algorand’s blockchain protocol is an MIT-developed open-source, permission-less, fast, pure proof of stake blockchain platform. The API gives interoperability between SAP enterprise applications on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) or standalone SAP Clients and the distributed ledger powered by the Algorand protocol.

This enables the development of innovative cloud-native SAP applications in multiple verticals performing: Transactional services, Verification and Security, Smart Contracts, Asset Tokenisation, Payments, Fintech apps and many other blockchain use cases. The Algorand protocol ensures full participation, protection, and high transactional speed enabling enterprises globally to embrace the decentralised economy.


SAP Cloud Platform API

The REST API for cloud platform deployments is hosted at the SAP API Business Hub in this location (beta version API Hub repo is here). With a free registration or an existing SAP account the user can deploy in a sandbox environment with automatic API key generation for the Algorand testnet. To deploy production on mainnet please replace testnet end-point to the mainnet end-point as described below.

SAP Client API

The testnet standalone clientSDK can be downloaded for SAP Hub registered users here or alternatively you can find it below :

The mainnet standalone client SDK is below :

Algorand Testnet Endpoint:

Algorand Mainnet Endpoint:

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